Producing quality videos for your product is challenging. The time and perceived cost associated is the reason why, so many businesses settle for photos and graphics to get the job done. But in this digital age the need to provide a multitude of media styles is a must to initially grab the consumer.

Which is why Sipka Media looks as providing scalable and cost effective options to getting your product noticed with rich online video content that will get the positive attention your product deserves.

The colour of Ink Gin is derived from the deep infusion of petals from an exotic blue flower.

This natural floral infusion gives Ink Gin a remarkable and lustrous quality, most elegantly displayed in our signature Ink & Tonic, which changes colour from deep blue to blush pink when mixed.

Ink Gin is distilled with traditional, exotic & Australian native botanicals, blended together to create a gin that captures the essence of the Butterfly Pea Flower in a modern & smooth sipping gin.

A behind the scenes look at the makimaki process.



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